Reliable Financing Is the Key to Growing Your Business

Your accounts receivable invoices are a valuable asset, and here at ClearView Capital we can help you make the most of this asset to access the cash you need. This is a particularly suitable financing option for businesses that allow a 90-day payback period for goods and services. In exchange for these discounted invoices, we offer some much-needed funding to make sure your business can grow and expand.   

What You Can Expect

When an opportunity presents itself, it’s important to be able to act quickly. That’s one of the major benefits of accounts receivable financing, as it can provide you with the funding you need to grow your business by taking on large accounts. You can even confidently cover expenses related to operating your business, as well as things like payroll and inventory. This funding can also offer a number of benefits to businesses, such as the following:

  • Financing suited to unexpected or large orders
  • Access to cash within one day
  • No recourse loans
  • Funding catering to virtually any business
  • No fixed payments
  • Credit insurance for your customers and clients at absolutely no cost
  • No personal guarantees
  • Increased funding as sales and receivables increase
  • No worries about loan board decisions

We Can Lend a Helping Hand

No matter where you are, ClearView Capital can help your business access the funding you need. This is because financing receivables entails looking at the credit rating of the customers you’re working with, as opposed to your own credit history. That means we can help businesses just starting out, as well as those bouncing back from loss of capital and bankruptcy.