Four Tricks to Financing a Healthcare Business

Perhaps one of the largest challenges involved in owning a medical or healthcare business is obtaining the necessary funds to do your work properly. The good news? There are some useful strategies that might help you better manage your capital.

Consolidate Your Loans

As many business owners know, debt can be a real downer. Rather than sinking beneath the weight of numerous monthly payments, consider joining those payments into one lump sum. If you consolidate your loans with us at ClearView Capital, keeping on top of your debt should become a more manageable task.

Utilize Available Capital

With our working capital loans, you can attain financing to expand your dental or medical practice. Loans like this carry with them several advantages:

  • Upfront payments are not needed
  • Loan terms lasting up to 72 months
  • Good for debt consolidation
  • Valid for numerous uses, such as business expansion

Consider Leasing Equipment

Leasing medical or dental equipment rather than buying may have long term financial benefits. With Clearview Lending, you could solicit a loan and a lease, if need be. Generally, up to 50% of equipment costs can be covered with our help.

Grow Your Business

Looking to add to your practice? This costs money, but with the right healthcare financing, it just might be worth the investment.

Looking to better care for your capital? Contact us at ClearView Capital today to start your application.