Purchase Order Financing: Your Company’s Option for Buying Finished and Presold Goods

Operating a business involves numerous challenges, the greatest of which is likely financing company endeavors. For example, whether a business produces here in the U.S.  or deals in importing and exporting goods, such merchandise requires sufficient funds with which to purchase it.  Distributors, resellers, producers and wholesalers could all benefit from purchase order financing from ClearView Capital. We understand that such funding is necessary to keep your business running smoothly, and it is our job to ensure you have access to the financial resources you need.

Purchase order financing could be advantageous for your business for several reasons:

  • Assistance with ensuring timely arrival of customer merchandise
  • Quick financing that can be used for various purposes within your business sector
  • Bigger orders and larger accounts
  • Increase in revenue
  • The ability to expand your business with minimal debt

For businesses dealing in the trade of products with other countries, we can provide letters of credit for these imported and exported materials. Even if your business is brand new and struggling with a low cash flow, we have financing options that can help.

Our financial advisors at ClearView Capital possess the expertise to help you decide whether this alternative funding option is best for you and your company. Contact us today and we can help with all of your purchase order financing needs.